General Rules for All Submissions

  • Format all work using MS Word (doc or docx), 12pt., double spaced serif font (Times New Roman, Courier, Garamond).
  • Title only on the work. 
  • Do not put your name or contact info on the work. Instead put your name, contact info and title of the work in the cover letter. This is so we can maintain a blind submission process. 
  • A short bio or blog/website links, written in the third person, must be submitted at time of submission in the cover letter. Please also provide your preferred pronouns i.e. she/her/hers or they/them/theirs. If your work is selected, Creative Colloquy will ask for a picture to accompany the work in print.
  • Creative Colloquy accepts submissions from all writers, poets, and essayists throughout Western Washington with a special emphasis on work originating in the South Puget Sound. Please note your location in your cover letter.
  • Only submit one short story or poem per month.
  • Breaking any of these rules may result in automatic rejection.

By submitting to Creative Colloquy, the author allows for a one-time  publication on our site. All rights to the work remain with the author.  When and if we decide to print a paper version of Creative Colloquy, we  will select pieces from our archives and contact each writer  individually for consent for the one-time reprint of the work in the new  media.

***Submission for our monthly online publication is always open.***

The Tacoma Light Trail returns this winter! Individual artists and  groups will light up the night with dazzling installations and creations  of light and sound all around town, handily mapped for you to take a  self-guided tour.

CC loves our local artists, and we adore collaboration and inspiration,  especially when it gets us out in the city. So, we have a sparkly new  themed call for our community, and for anyone out there loving the  lights…

Creative Colloquy is now accepting submissions with the theme:  Touching Down in Tacoma. *NOTE: The artist does not have a specific  story or message in mind, you have full creative freedom!

If you've been out enjoying the Light Trail, make sure to visit our new  friend who has touched down for the season at the Pantages Theatre.  We don't know much about them yet, but we hear they are quite the  character, and we can't wait to hear the stories they inspire you to tell! We want short stories, poems, and essays that are inspired by the  light installation from artist Steve LaBerge which is located at the  Pantages Theatre on 9th & Broadway. The Tacoma Light Trail runs  Dec 31 to Jan 16. More info at

Selected submissions will be published online in a special series.  Ultimately the idea is to inspire new work by South Sound scribes  while also highlighting local artists and the amazing arts community  that works to bring us beauty, brightness, and whimsy in the darkest  days of the year.

Submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

• Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry Accepted

• Format all work using MS Word (doc or docx), 12pt., double spaced serif font (Times New Roman, Courier, Garamond) • Title only on the work.

• Do not put your name, contact, or other personally identifying  info on the work. Place your name in the cover letter so the  Editorial Committee can maintain a blind submission process

• A short bio written in third person must be submitted at time of  submission in the cover letter. Please also provide preferred  pronouns i.e. she/her/hers or they/them/theirs.

By submitting to Creative Colloquy, the author allows for a one-time  publication on our site. If your work is selected CC will ask for a  picture to accompany your work on the online platform.

This call for submissions will remain open until January 30, 2022.

Welcome Writers!

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your work for consideration.

  • All genres and styles of work will be considered with the exception fan fiction and erotica. Keep in mind that short stories, memoir/novel excerpts and essays are encouraged but other work, such as poetry, will also be considered.
  • We are looking for submissions that are 300 to 3,000 words in length. However, to be considered as a performer for our reading events, pieces must not exceed 5 minutes stage time (or about 1,000 words). Larger stories will be considered, within reason.
  • Please only submit your final draft, no other drafts will be accepted. As much as we are looking forward to reading your stories, we are a small team and want to invest a fair amount of time and consideration into each story submitted. 
  • Please only submit ONE piece per month for consideration. Those who send more than one piece of work for consideration each month will automatically be disqualified for not following directions.

We will contact you if your story will be featured on the site. If your story is not selected for one month we may still intend on posting it a following month. This will be determined by how many submissions are received.

Creative Colloquy